Help, encouragement and resources from our community of partners in the areas of planning, creating & marketing.

Creating a Blog or Podcast
Narrowing down a topic, developing an audience, creating a hosting site, finding a hosting option, editing, advertising

Conference Planning
Theme, attracting and vetting speakers, décor, swag, registration, scheduling, advertising, vendors

Writing a Book or Study
Narrowing down a topic, finding a publishing option, editing and fact checking prior to submitting to a publisher

Creating an Online Presence
Choosing appropriate social media platforms, posting schedules, website creation

Online Storefront
Product development, production and warehousing options, sales options

Developing a Ministry Business
Licensing options, creating business plans and budgets, marketing

As our community of partners grows, we look forward to offering resources and encouragement in the areas of publishing, music, art and more! The bigger the community, the bigger the space gets!

What being backed by Asha means

Community of Warriors
Everyone has the ability to share ideas and resources, encourage one another and network, partners always have the full community standing behind them in prayer and support

Exclusive Resources
Access to Asha’s 15 years of experience in working on tight budgets with little support

Partners featured on Asha’s website and social media, as well as receive exclusive “backed by Asha Media” logo to display on your own work

The goal is not to be a company that will just do everything for you. There is some things that we can take off your plate for you, but there are some things that we ourselves are not equipped to do. In those cases, we can help you find the companies that can! We want to ensure every woman is supported abundantly because each woman deserves to be equipped, empowered and prepared to move forward boldly and confidently in all that God has called her to!

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