Our Space

Supporting women by helping in the planning, creating, marketing and supporting their dreams in the areas of podcasts, merch, Bible studies, journals, art, music, conferences, books, blogs and other media!

Our Name

Asha is derived from the Hebrew “Eshet,” when means a powerful woman. The word is used in Proverbs 31:10 – most commonly translated as “excellent,” it more accurately means bold and confident. In the Latin form of the word, it is associated with female warriors. We believe wholeheartedly that we are called as women to be bold and confident in the callings God has given each and every one of us and we have a rightful place in the Kingdom!

Our Story

After starting a podcast by accident and attending a conference, we had a vision of a media company for women. The women we would serve would be women like us; real, raw, authentic and unapologetic. You see, we don’t exactly fit the “church girl” mold, but we love Jesus and we have a calling on our lives to use our voices to empower women and encourage them to live out the callings God has placed on their lives!

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